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 “A photograph is always invisible; it is not it that we see.”

 ― Roland Barthes

My path to the world of art was intertwined with the development of my personal awareness. For as long as I can remember, I felt as a bystander observing the world, yet unable to express my thoughts.

Through photography I managed to confront my inner world, understanding and accepting it.


I was drawn to the aesthetic experience and wanted to capture what is considered to be beauty in its spectacular moments.  

Soon I realized - beauty is commonplace.


Ordinary places and everyday experiences pass us without getting our attention. Usually we don’t have the ability to interpret and completely grasp what we experience.

To reveal these invisible moments and bring them to light, is my greatest challenge in creating images.


By this exposure I reveal a different truth and a critical point of view.

A new overlook that will hopefully bring forth a new way of thought.   

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